There are a wide range of accommodation options on Flinders Island, ranging from budget to luxury and everything in between, There is an affordable cabin park, bed and breakfast, farmstays, AIRBNB, luxury accommodation, and much more. Stay near the beach, close to magnificent Mt Strzelecki, nearly Whitemark, Palana, Emita, Killiecrankie, Lackrana, Leeka, Loccota and Lady Barron.

List of all accommodation on Flinders Island.

  1. Albies cottage Killiecrankie
  2. Simplicity by the Sea
  3. Morning Mist Killiecrankie
  4. Palana Beach House
  5. Sawyers Bay Shack
  6. West End Beach House
  7. Nautilus Killiecrankie
  8. Cooma House
  9. Walden at Trousers Point
  10. Echo Hills Cottage Lackrana
  11. Swan Cottage Lady Barron
  12. Crayshack Killiecrankie
  13. Wombat Lodge Killiecrankie
  14. Little Beach Shack Leeka
  15. Gabbys House Lady Barron
  16. Allports Beach House Emita
  17. Dwarf Cottage Killiecrankie
  18. Flinders Island Beach House Loccota
  19. Green Valley Homestead Whitemark
  20. Pine Scrub Beach House Leeka
  21. West End Beach House Leeka
  22. Flinders Island Getaway Whitemark
  23. Tanners Tide Leeka
  24. Killiecranke Beach House
  25. Swan Cottage Lady Barron
  26. Maireener at West End Leeka
  27. Flinders Island Studio Retreat Loccota
  28. The Retreat Partridge Farm
  29. Gypsy Partridge Farm Loccota
  30.  Yurt Loccota
  31. The Bungalow Partridge Farm
  32. Flinders Island Caravan Park
  33.  Island Quarters Whitemark
  34. Yakkalla Holiday Cottage
  35. Mountain Seas Lodge
  36. Healing Dreams Retreat
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Flinders Island Running Festival 2021

Great news, it can be confirmed that the Flinders Island Running Festival is definitely being held in 2021. The event…

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There’s never been a better time to visit Flinders Island

Isn’t it time you visited Flinders Island? There’s never been a better time for Tasmanians to visit this majestic island destination.

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Flinders Island Airport

Flinders Island Airport, Whitemark Tasmania serviced by Sharp Airlines, flying from Hobart, Launceston & Essendon Airport Victoria.


Free WiFi Flinders Island

Free WiFi in Whitemark and Lady Barron, Flinders Island Tasmania


Hospital Flinders Island

Hospital Whitemark, health care Flinders Island Tasmania

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Car Share Flinders Island

Cheap car rental option Whitemark, Flinders Island with easy, convenient and reliable car share.

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Accommodation Flinders Island

There is an excellent range of accommodation available on Flinders Island ranging from reasonably priced cabin accommodation to high-end luxury…

The climate on Flinders Island, and the islands of Bass Strait in the Furneaux group generally, are mild given the moderating effect of the surrounding waters that protect the islands from extreme temperatures. However, please note the predominantly westerly winds can be very strong and constant for several days during late winter and spring. Cooling sea breezes during the summer months provide relief from hot summer days, and where it is perfect for sitting on the deck with a cool drink with friends and family.