Car Hire Flinders Island

There are two places you can rent a car, minibus or campervan on Flinders Island.

  1. Flinders Island Car Hire
  2. Flinders Island Cabin Park

Rates are similar, but Flinders Island Car Hire specialises in care rental Flinders Island only. Their vehicles include 12 or 14 seat minivans, 2007-2009 Corollas, a 2WD ute, and 2009-2010 automatic Toyota Camrys. If you rent from Flinders Island Car Rental, they will meet you at the airport which is only a short drive from Whitemark. They also offer a shuttle service costing $15 per person from the airport to Whitemark, or $40 for groups of 4 or more. Flinders Island Car Rentals vehicles are permitted on public two-lane unsealed gravel roads provided that they are properly formed and NOT 4WD sand or dirt one lane tracks. Off-road driving is not permitted. As there are many gravel roads on Flinders, driving on them is hard to avoid. However, you are urged to take care as often after heavy rain the roads can be slippery and there is also abundant wildlife on the roads at dawn and dusk. Any person driving a vehicle from Flinders Island Car Rentals must be 21 years of age or over (unless approved in advance) and must hold and present a current driver’s license, or a learner’s permit that has been held for at least twelve consecutive months. Learner drivers meeting these criteria must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver at all times, and satisfy any other conditions on the Rental Agreement. There is an 80 kilometre per hour speed limit on gravel roads. Some roads on Flinders Island are not able to be accessed with a rental vehicle – they will be identified at the time of collection. Justin and Rowena Nicholls will welcome you to Flinders Island and look after your car hire needs on Flinders. Flinders Island Car Hire, operated by Flinders Island Cabin Park, is located close to the airport at Whitemark. Clients are met at the airport, provided with a map, and also provided helpful advice on what to do and see on Flinders Island.

Vehicles available are:

  • Sedans @ $95/day
  • AWD @ $115/Day
  • Dual cab utes @ $105/day
  • 8 Seater Tarago @ $130/day

To fully appreciate the attractions of Flinders Island, hiring a car is essential as there is no public transport.

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