Memana is a small settlement on Flinders Island, Tasmania Australia. Memana is located approximately 23 kilometres north of the town of Whitemark, being the largest town on Flinders Island. As at the 2016 census, the population of Memana was identified as being just 102 permanent residents. The C803 route, Memana / Lackrana Road, enters from the south-west and runs north-east to the centre of the locality, where it turns south-east and exits to the south. Route C801, Lucks Road / Melrose Road, starts at an intersection with C803 and runs north and west before exiting. Route C804, Summer Camp Road, is a loop road to a from C803 in the centre of Memana. Travel on Lackrana Road north to Memana and visit Tobias Furneaux Lookout, which is accessed off Memana Road. Be sure to also drive to Walkers Lookout.

Emita Flinders IslandSmall coastal settlement just North West of Whitemark

Flinders Island can be reached by plane or sea; Sharp Airlines fly from Essendon Airport Melbourne (1-hour), from Launceston (35 mins) or from Hobart (1-hour). There is a shuttle service available for the short drive between the airport and Whitemark. You can also hire a car Whitemark, or a campervan or bicycle to get around the island. Please note there is no public transport on Flinders Island, so you will need some form of transport to get around. There is a weekly barge service operated by Furneaux Freight that travels between Bridport and Lady Barron which allows you to bring your own car, campervan, motorbike or bike to the island. Where possible, please avoid driving at night. You are sharing the roads with a large amount of native wildlife, so take it carefully, drive slowly to the conditions and watch out for animals on roads including wombats and wallabies.

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