Services on Flinders Island

Flinders Island is small, being home to a resident population of app. 400 people. As such, services are limited and it is imperative you plan your visit to the Island.

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Visitor Services

It surprises many visitors, but there is limited shopping on Flinders Island. In Whitemark there is a small IGA that opens Monday to Saturday (it is closed Sundays) and at Lady Barron there is a small general store. There are hotels at both Whitemark and Lady Barron and that serve meals during the week in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There is only 1 petrol outlet on the Island, being a 24/7 self-service option in Whitemark. There is a small bakery in Whitemark that opens 5-days per day, and a cafe serving coffee and gourmet treats Thursday to Saturday. There is a butcher, a mechanic, and an agricultural supplies store Harcourts.