Camping Flinders Island

Camping Patriarch Wildlife Sanctuary, the Patriarch campground is located on the east coast of Flinders Island located on Lees Road, Lackrana between Middle and South Patriarch. At this basic campsite, you can observe wildlife close-up  – the Patriarchs Wildlife Sanctuary is run by a trust and maintained by volunteers. There is an A-frame building that in years gone by has had bunk beds, however, the facility is very basic. There is a shaded free gas barbecue area making Patriarch Wildlife Sanctuary ideal for a picnic or day visit. You will need to carry your own drinking water and firewood and carry all your food. The road to Patriarchs is very rough in places, however, a 2WD car will make it OK if you drive carefully. Please keep an eye out for ample wildlife which is common on roads. This campground is suitable for tent-based camping, however, it isn’t really recommended – it is far better if you have a campervan. The sanctuary is a habitat for abundant wildlife and birdlife including wombats, wallabies, black swans, and Cape Barren Geese. There is no charge to camp, however, donations are very much appreciated. Please support this volunteer trust. Please note, strictly NO DOGS allowed.

Campers at Patriarchs Wildlife Sanctuary, or day visitors, can watch wallabies by the dozen as they come out to feed at dawn and dusk. Please don’t ever feed the Wallabies, even though some are quite tame and comfortable with people.

The Patriarchs are three granite mountains on the mid-east coast of Flinders Island. You can also visit nearby Patriarchs Inlet and view more wildlife, and walk along windy, empty beaches at low tide. It is understood the name was coined when Matthew Flinders first saw them – he delightedly called them the Three Patriarchs.

Please respect the space, remove all rubbish ad leave the facility better than you find it. See Camping Flinders Island

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