There are a wide range of bushwalks on Flinders Island, ranging from very easy, family-friendly short walks through to more challenging longer bushwalks. There are three 60 Great Short Walks of Tasmania bushwalks on Flinders Island – Castle Rock, Trousers Point, and the Strzelecki Ranges walk. There are also a wide range of accommodation options on Flinders Island – stay near the beach, close to magnificent Mt Strzelecki, nearly Whitemark, Palana, Emita, Killiecrankie, Lackrana, Leeka, Loccota, Memana, and Lady Barron.

List of all bushwalks on Flinders Island.

  1. Killiecrankie Airstrip Circuit
  2. Badger Corner Walk
  3. Blue Rocks Walk
  4. Blue Rocks to Long Point Walk
  5. Bluff Road Paths River Walk
  6. Camerons Inlet Walk
  7. Planter Beach Walk
  8. Deep Bight Walk
  9. Diamond Gully Walk
  10. Egg Rock Beach Walk
  11. Castle Rock Walk
  12. Furneaux Lookout
  13. Walkers Lookout
  14. Killiecrankie Creek Walk
  15. Killiecrankie Boat Harbour Walk
  16. Killiecrankie Mt Tanner Walk
  17. Killiecrankie Dock Walk
  18. Killiecrankie West End
  19. Lady Barron Discovery Walk
  20. Lillies Bay Walk
  21. Logan Lagoon Walk
  22. Mt Boyes Walk
  23. Mt Strzelecki Walk
  24. North East River Inlet Walk
  25. North East River Stanley Point Walk
  26. Nowhere Hill Walk
  27. Old Mans Head Walk
  28. Palana Beach Walk
  29. Palana Inlet Walk
  30. Patriarch Wildlife Sanctuary Walk
  31. Prime Seal Island Walk
  32. Roydon Island Walk
  33. Sarah Blanche Point Walk
  34. Sawyeres Bay Walk
  35. Sellars Point Walk
  36. South Patriarch Walk
  37. Tanner’s Bay Walk
  38. The Paps Walk
  39. The Slip Walk
  40. Trousers Point Walk (Fotheringate Bay)
  41. Vinegar Hill Walk
  42. West End Walk
  43. White Beach Walk
  44. Whitemark Bluff Road Walk
  45. Wingaroo Reserve Circuit
  46. Wybalena Chapel Historic Walk
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There’s never been a better time to visit Flinders Island

Isn’t it time you visited Flinders Island? There’s never been a better time for Tasmanians to visit this majestic island destination.

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Flinders Island Airport

Flinders Island Airport, Whitemark Tasmania serviced by Sharp Airlines, flying from Hobart, Launceston & Essendon Airport Victoria.


Free WiFi Flinders Island

Free WiFi in Whitemark and Lady Barron, Flinders Island Tasmania


Hospital Flinders Island

Hospital Whitemark, health care Flinders Island Tasmania

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Car Share Flinders Island

Cheap car rental option Whitemark, Flinders Island with easy, convenient and reliable car share.

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Accommodation Flinders Island

There is an excellent range of accommodation available on Flinders Island ranging from reasonably priced cabin accommodation to high-end luxury…

The climate on Flinders Island, and the islands of Bass Strait in the Furneaux group generally, are mild given the moderating effect of the surrounding waters that protect the islands from extreme temperatures. However, please note the predominantly westerly winds can be very strong and constant for several days during late winter and spring. Cooling sea breezes during the summer months provide relief from hot summer days, and where it is perfect for sitting on the deck with a cool drink with friends and family.