Free Wi-Fi service  Flinders Island

Visitors to Flinders Island can now access free Wi-Fi services at two hotspots in Whitemark and Lady Barron, as part of Tasmania’s Free Wi-Fi network.
As part of the service, users can access 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi for each device at each network location, every day. The two new hotspots have been strategically placed for the highest quality service, with one located outside the Whitemark Post Office providing coverage on the town’s main street, and another located at the Furneaux Tavern in Lady Barron. The installation of these new hotspots on Flinders Island was made possible through the Flinders Island Telecommunications Transformation Project which was completed last year and delivered in partnership with the Federal Liberal Government.

Flinders Island is now part of our expansive network of more than 170 Free-Wi-Fi Program access points through Tasmania, including at iconic locations such as Freycinet, Salamanca Place and Port Arthur, as well as regional locations such as Queenstown, Campbell Town, Sheffield, Latrobe, Geeveston and Cygnet.

More information on the Tasmanian Government’s free Wi-Fi network can be found at

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