There has never been a better time to visit Flinders Island than now. Sharp Airlines flies from Hobart and Launceston and from Essendon Airport in Victoria. Within 45-minutes to 1-hour, you can escape Launceston or Hobart and immerse yourself in the magic and beauty of Flinders Island. Flinders Island is the largest island in the Furneaux Group, being almost 1400 square-kilometres and located in Bass Strait to the northeast of Tasmania. Flinders Island is part of the state of Tasmania, and located on 40° south, a zone known as the Roaring Forties. Flinders Island is one of 52 islands in the Furneaux Group in Bass Strait. Flinders can be wild and windy, with its majestic coastlines and rugged landscape making this a truly unique destination. It’s an unhurried lifestyle, where the locals are friendly and helpful and wildlife aplenty. From the minute you arrive on Flinders Island, you will find yourself immersed in a world of truly pristine, beautiful, and empty beaches – there are some 120 beaches on Flinders Island. You will almost instantly notice the magnificent mountain that is Mt Strezlecki, and that that punctuates the landscape around the town of Whitemark. You will see a wide variety of wildlife including wombats and wallabies, and a variety of sea and other birds including the white-bellied sea eagle. Visit the beautiful small towns of Lady Barron, Emita, Palana, Memana, Leeka, and search for the famous Killiecrankie Diamonds at Killiecrankie. There are also over 50 bushwalks on Flinders Island for those who love the great outdoors – see Bushwalks Flinders Island.

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Enjoy 7 or 10 nights camping on Flinders Island at no cost

Glamping Flinders Island, for a different experience on amazing Flinders Island

Camping Patriarchs Wildlife Sanctuary Flinders Island, view native wildlife in their natural habit.

Camping Killiecrankie Flinders Island, fishing, kayaking, surfing, boating & swimming – pan for the famous Killiecrankie diamonds

Camping Allports Beach Flinders Island, good camping location close to beach and offering nearby snorkelling, walking and boating & swimming.

Camping North East River Flinders Island, spectacular camping location, fishing, kayaking, surfing, boating & swimming close Palan.

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Explore the Geotrail on Flinders Island, and discover roacks from may periods.

Bushwalk Mt Strezlecki Flinders Island, one of many fabulous bushwalks on Flinders.

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Flinders Island Running Festival 2021

Great news, it can be confirmed that the Flinders Island Running Festival is definitely being held in 2021. The event…

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There’s never been a better time to visit Flinders Island

Isn’t it time you visited Flinders Island? There’s never been a better time for Tasmanians to visit this majestic island destination.

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Flinders Island Airport

Flinders Island Airport, Whitemark Tasmania serviced by Sharp Airlines, flying from Hobart, Launceston & Essendon Airport Victoria.


Free WiFi Flinders Island

Free WiFi in Whitemark and Lady Barron, Flinders Island Tasmania


Hospital Flinders Island

Hospital Whitemark, health care Flinders Island Tasmania

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Car Share Flinders Island

Cheap car rental option Whitemark, Flinders Island with easy, convenient and reliable car share.

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Furneaux Geotrail

Explore the Geotrail on Flinders Island, and discover roacks from may periods.


Bushwalking Flinders Island

Bushwalk Mt Strezlecki Flinders Island, one of many fabulous bushwalks on Flinders.

The climate on Flinders Island, and the islands of Bass Strait in the Furneaux group generally, are mild given the moderating effect of the surrounding waters that protect the islands from extreme temperatures. However, please note the predominantly westerly winds can be very strong and constant for several days during late winter and spring. Cooling sea breezes during the summer months provide relief from hot summer days, and where it is perfect for sitting on the deck with a cool drink with friends and family.